West Indian Lilac (Tetrazygia bicolor) Edit

JC screenshot - West Indian Lilac

West Indian Lilac (Tetrazygia bicolor)

  • Height: 2 blocks
  • Spreads near water
  • Time: Modern
  • Native biome(s): Jungle, Swampland
  • Edibility:
    • Toxic to some dinosaurs
    • Inedible to humans

Also known as the Florida clover ash or the Florida Tetrazygia, the West Indian Lilac (Tetrazygia bicolor) is a modern woody shrub native to southern Florida and the Caribbean islands. It can grow about 3 - 9 metres tall, and thrives in the shady spots of the subtropical Everglades wetlands. The flowers are white or pinkish, and the plant blooms during spring and summer. Its brown berries attract birds, which spread the plant's seeds.

Park owners beware, as the plant is known to be toxic to some non-avian dinosaurs, such as Triceratops and Stegosaurus!

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