Ingen file velociraptor by timelessmoddingteam-da6g49j

Velociraptor InGen File

Real-world Information Edit

Native to Mongolia and China, Velociraptor was a small dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous, around 75 - 71 million years ago. The most famous Velociraptor fossils come from the famous Gobi Desert fossil site known as the Flaming Cliffs (or in Mongolian: Bayanzag or Bain-Dzak).

(The real) Velociraptor measured up to 2,07 metres long, and weighed up to 15 kg. Small bumps on the dinosaur's arm bones suggest that they may have sported birdlike "flight feathers", just like those of the closely related Microraptor.

It was probably an opportunistic predator, feeding on a wide variety of prey ranging from small mammals and lizards, to medium-sized dinosaurs. One known prey animal of the Velociraptor was the ceratopsian Protoceratops. The skeleton of a Velociraptor was found tangled in the skeleton of one such ceratopsian. It's thought that the two dinosaurs were locked in deadly combat, when they were suddenly buried rapidly by a sandstorm or a sandslide. This fossil find is considered a national treasure of Mongolia.

JP Information Edit

Quick, highly intelligent, and highly aggressive, Velociraptor is one of the more challenging carnivorous dinosaurs to keep in captivity. They are also considerably larger than the ones in the fossil record, typically measuring 3 - 4 meters or so in length. These social predators typically live in packs of about 3 - 20 individuals, and are able to launch co-ordinated attacks on even very large prey. To a Velociraptor pack, anything from a large rat to a large hadrosaur can be considered potential prey.

Velociraptors 1

Velociraptors on the prowl in a Jungle Temple.

Potential raptor keepers BEWARE, as not only are Velociraptors accomplished escape artists that will quickly find any weaknesses in their enclosure's fencing, they also have a good memory, and have been known to hold grudges. They can also run at similar speeds to those of a cheetah, and are able to leap astonishingly high. They can also open doors.

Anyone looking to contain these dinosaurs should invest in things like high walls, tall electric fences, and possibly even a roof. Ideally, the enclosure should have some open space for the animals to run around in, and some vegetation cover for stalking prey, as well as sources of water and food. These dinosaurs are not above scavenging, but they particularly enjoy hunting live prey.

Although these animals may sometimes fight when first introduced to each other, a distinct hierarchy will quickly be established within the pack. Breeding these dinosaurs is also relatively easy. Upon hatching, they imprint on the first creature they see (usually one or both of their parents, but human beings can also use this trait to their advantage), and remain loyal until they develop a rebellious streak just before sexual maturity. As touched upon before, Velociraptors don't forgive easily, and if you're not careful around them, even supposedly "tame" ones may turn on you at the slightest provocation!

In-game Information Edit

Velociraptor is one of the more dangerous dinosaurs in the mod. It attacks by leaping at prey, and it is even capable of opening wooden doors! This dinosaur has around 30 HP of health when fully grown, and its attack does about 8 HP of damage. It is imprintable (see: Taming), and a tamed individual will defend you if you are attacked. You can only have a pack of eight velociraptors or else the original raptors will kill the newest ones you have put into the pack.

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