Ingen file microraptor by jurassicraftmod-dait5r6

Microraptor InGen File

Real-world information Edit

One of the most famous feathered dinosaurs ever discovered, the Microraptor lived in the Liaoning Province of northeastern China during the Early Cretaceous period. These small dromaeosaurids ranged from 42 cm - 1.2 metres long and up to about 1 kg in weight when fully grown, with a wingspan of just under 1 metre.

It's thought to have used the flight feathers on its legs to steer in the air as it glided from tree to tree. It is therefore sometimes called the "four-winged dinosaur".

Studies of the Microraptor's plumage indicate that its body was iridescent black in colour.

JP Information Edit

Like its larger relative, the Velociraptor, Microraptor is an intelligent predator that lives in small packs or flocks. They are opportunistic scavengers and hunters that will take prey ranging from insects up to the size of chickens or rabbits.

Microraptor kill

Rabbits are among the largest prey Microraptors will hunt.

Sharp talons and surprisingly flexible hip and shoulder sockets give Microraptors exceptional climbing skills, and they can easily scale trees and other tall structures. The flight feathers on their arms and legs allow them to glide for short distances, although they cannot truly "fly" like birds, as is a common misconception. Their favourite hunting tactic is to climb into a tree, and then swoop down onto unsuspecting prey below.

Their small size and less aggressive temperament makes them a lot more manageable than Velociraptors. They can be essentially "tamed" if raised by humans from a young age (and sufficiently trained individuals may even be willing to sit on your shoulder if they've come to expect food or attention from you!), but keep in mind that they are still very independent, and sometimes even a little mischievous. Anyone looking to keep Microraptors should invest in a very large wire mesh cage or a small aviary (just like Velociraptors, these dinosaurs are master escape artists), containing a few tall trees or upright logs for climbing. Also note that these dinosaurs are exceptionally poor swimmers, and can easily drown in deep water!

In-game Information Edit

Microraptor (scheduled to arrive in the upcoming 2.1.0 version of the mod) is arguably the smallest (or one of the smallest) non-avian dinosaur in Jurassicraft. These dinosaurs are mostly harmless towards larger creatures (including humans), but they will hunt and eat rabbits, chickens and other very small prey when hungry (as well as Bugs). Like Velociraptor, Microraptor is imprintable (see Taming), and tamed individuals can even sit on your shoulder to hitch a ride!

A fully grown Microraptor has around 10 HP of health, and deals about 2 HP of damage per attack.

These dinosaurs are excellent climbers (capable of scaling most surfaces), and in addition to not taking fall damage, they are also able to glide "Elytra-style" from tree to tree! As touched upon before, they are quite susceptible to drowning in water that is overly deep. However, if the water is shallow enough, the dinosaur can get out by climbing the bank.

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