Graminidites bambusoides (upcoming, arrives in update 2.1.0) Edit

  • Height: 2 blocks

    The upcoming Graminidites bambusoides plant in-game.

  • Spreads near water
  • Time: Late Cretaceous to Late Pleistocene
  • Native biome(s): None (obtain from fossils)
  • Edibility:
    • Edible to herbivores

One of the very earliest known genera of bamboo, Graminidites lived from the Late Cretaceous right up until the last Ice Age, around 70 million to just 126 thousand years ago. Remains of this plant have been found in Antarctica, Australia, Argentina, North America, western Europe, and Senegal. G. bambusoides specifically is known from fossilized pollen samples discovered in Poland, dating back to the Late Miocene.

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