JC screenshot - Fossil Grinder

Fossil Grinder

Fossil Grinder GUI

Fossil Grinder GUI

JC screenshot - Fossil Grinder recipe

Fossil Grinder crafting recipe

The Fossil Grinder is a machine that grinds down cleaned fossil products, small random fossils, Plant Fossils, Twig Fossils, petrified logs and various other things, to obtain soft tissue as detailed below:

Compatible items in the fossil grinder         Possible findings

  • Plant Fossil                              Plant Tissue (random), Flint
  • Twig Fossil                              Tree Tissue (random), Flint, Coal
  • Any dinosaur bone               Soft Tissue (specific), Bone meal, Flint
  • Any dinosaur egg                    Soft Tissue (specific), Bone meal, Flint
  • Petrified log (any)                    Tree Tissue (specific), Flint, Coal

To make a Fossil Grinder, you will first need Iron Blades. and an Iron Rod.

Once plant tissue, tree tissue or soft tissue has been obtained, place it in a DNA Sequencer. (see Extracting DNA)

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