2.1.0 {Note: This is all the info confirmed by official media {this is all from the wiki} that I have spotted so far, feel free to add anything that is also revealed on the wiki or any official media}

{Clonable Mobs} Added: Coelacanth, Microraptor, and Mussaurus

{Other Entities} Added: Goat {Food for smaller carnivores, Krill, Plankton, Cricket, Cockroach, Mealworm Beetle, and Paleontologist Villager}

{Plants} Added: Araucaria {Tree}, Bristle Fern, Cinnamon Fern, Graminidites bambusoides, Largestipule leather-root, Phoenix {Tree, produces edible fruit}, Psaronius {Tree}, Rhacophyton, Rhamnus salicifolius {Crop that is poisonous to most animals and humans, but safe for specialists like Parasaurolophus}, Tempskya, Wild Potato {Crop}, Woolly-stalked Begonia

{Extinct Ocean Organisms} Added: Aulopora {Coral}, Cladochonus {Coral}, Enallhelia {Coral}, Lithostrotion {Coral}, Stylophyllopsis {Coral}, Hippurites radiosus {Mollusk}

{Tools and Equipment} Added: Fine Net

{Structures} Added: Ruined Visitor Centre {Rarely found in Savannas and Jungles}

{Technology} Added: Cultivator, Electric Fences, Ford Explorers, Bug-farming Crate

{Decoration} Added: Skeletons {Made with Skeleton Assembly Table}

{Cuisine} Added: Fun Fries

{Dinosaur Behaviour} Added: Breeding


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