Ingen file brachiosaurus by timelessmoddingteam-da7cqmd

Brachiosaurus InGen File

Real-world Information Edit

One of the larger and more famous sauropods of the Late Jurassic, Brachiosaurus lived in North America. For a long time, it was thought to have also lived at the Tendaguru Formation in East Africa, but the remains found there have since been reclassified as Giraffatitan. Brachiosaurus can grow up to 25 or 26 metres long and 9 metres or more in height, and can weigh up to 40 tons.

As its anatomy implies, this sauropod is thought to have browsed from the tops of trees, much like a modern giraffe. Its diet would've consisted mostly of Ginkgo leaves, conifers, tree-ferns, and large cycads.

JP Information Edit

Brachiosaurs, like most other sauropods, are somewhat social animals that live in groups (of about 2 - 15 individuals), usually led by an alpha male or alpha female. Using their long windpipes and bizarre nasal chambers, they produce distinctive trumpeting "singing" calls to communicate with one another.

Brachiosaurus herd

A herd of Brachiosaurus is quite a sight to behold.

Brachiosaurus has no parental care. Upon hatching, the mottled sauropodlets head for dense forest with plenty of undergrowth, where they spend their childhood relatively safe from most larger predators until they become too big to fit among the trees.

When fully grown, Brachiosaurus consumes vast amounts of vegetation, requiring around 120 - 150 kg of fodder per day. Ideally, a Brachiosaurus enclosure should consist of vast open plains, dotted with large patches of forest.

In-game Information Edit

Brachiosaurus is the largest land animal in Jurassicraft, and currently the strongest. It has around 150 HP of health when fully grown, and its attack does about 15 HP of damage. It is not imprintable (see: Taming), due to its lack of parental care and parent/offspring bonding.

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