Araucaria sp. (Upcoming, arrives in update 2.1.0) Edit

  • Height: About 12-20 blocks

    The upcoming Araucaria tree in-game.

  • Time: Early Jurassic to Present
  • Native biome(s): None (obtain from fossils)
  • Resource(s):
    • Wood
    • Leaves
    • Saplings
  • Edibility of leaves:
    • Edible to herbivores

The genus Araucaria is a type of conifer tree with scale-like leaves. They first evolved in the Early Jurassic, and are still around today, though their native habitat is now limited to South America, eastern Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, and Norfolk Island. Some species are however quite popular in gardens and parks, and have been exported to various parts of the world for this purpose (even as far north as the UK).

In Jurassicraft, doors crafted from Araucaria wood resemble the front doors of the Visitor Centre from Jurassic Park.

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